Ceramic Shallow Bowl, Matte Black with Glossy Black Edge, 200×50 mm


Ceramic shallow bowl with glossy black edge. Handmade in Latvia. Packed in a cardboard box.

Size: 200×50 mm,

Volume: 0,7 l.

Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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When human hands come in contact with clay, a work of art is created that expresses more than words. This ceramic bowl is carefully handmade and then polished with one of the world’s oldest clay finishing methods – terra sigillata. The dark tone of the bowl and the glossy black edge will perfectly accentuate the food, enrich the mood at the table and make the meal more enjoyable.

The bowl will be especially appreciated by aesthetics lovers. It will be a beautiful and practical gift for everyone!

Material: Latvian red clay, terra sigillata, lead and cadmium-free glaze.