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Latvian Ice hockey is trending
right now!

Let’s go to the stands to support Latvian hockey because it is in the hearts of all our true hockey fans! Find your fan shirts, hats and scarves and join us shouting “Sarauj!”!

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Unusual mugs with horns

Unique mugs with horn-shaped handles that you’ve never seen before. Truly amazing gift and addition to any interior.

Amber trees for various occasions

A wonderful opportunity to find a very special gift – high quality amber money trees, carefully handcrafted. Each one is unique, decorated with many small, beautiful pieces of amber in typical amber colors. A very thoughtful and beautiful gift that everyone will appreciate!


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We are a family business that has been delighting local and international visitors in the heart of the Old Town for many years, offering beautiful, practical gifts from Latvia and also memorable souvenirs made by many skilled people in Baltics.
After so many years of hard work and dedication and repeated customer requests, we have also created our own online store to offer various gifts made in Baltics to people all over the world. Here you will find many wonderful gifts and souvenirs that will bring joy and smiles to you and your loved ones.