It’s really no secret – jewelry is in every woman’s home. Tasteful jewelry has been a staple in a woman’s beauty arsenal since ancient times, and the range of jewellery available today is truly amazing.

Find many lovely pieces of exquisitely designed jewellery, expertly crafted by artists and jewellers with the utmost care. The choice of materials is just as amazing – elegant porcelain necklaces and earrings, original pendants and bracelets with watch gears, as well as colourful polymer clay flower earrings and brooches. You can even find earrings made from paper!
For those who want to dress up for a national festival or just want to feel a touch of antiquity and wear something worn by our ancestors, we invite you to have a look in the traditional jewelry section, where you will find metal forgings modelled on ancient jewellery unearthed during archaeological excavations.
We also offer amber cufflinks and metal tie accessories, excellent choice both for men and women.

Shop our collection of beautiful jewellery items and add something special to your style!