Amber Massage Mat “Barok”, 39.5×69.5 cm


Amber massage mat for happy feet! A very useful gift for everyone! A particularly suitable gift for a person who ‘has everything’.
Stone sizes vary from 5 up to 15 mm.
Mat size: ~39.5×69.5 cm

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Amber Massage Mat – Because we care about You

You don’t have to ask someone for a massage. From now Ambreo products will do it for You!
This is a foot and back massage mat with natural amber for everyday use. Use the mat at home and work. Start your day with great benefits for the body* by doing morning exercising on this mat, going in for sports on it, or just putting it in front of the sink to get a foot massage during your morning routine. Take the mat to work – put it under your desk so that your feet do not get tired during a long working day.
Amber stones, inlaid in the mat, affect the acupuncture points of the feet, which prophylactically affects the functioning of all organs of the body.
In addition to the obvious preventive benefits for the feet and the body as a whole*, the mat is a beautiful addition to the interior of your home or office.

It is recommended to use the mat with bare feet.

A particularly suitable gift for a person who ‘has everything’.

*The products are not intended for diagnosis and treatment, they are not medicaments. They are used exclusively as a prophylaxis for a number of diseases. We recommend consulting with a physician before use. Not evaluated by the FDA.

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