Stainless Steel, Leather Cigarette Case, RIGA, Dome Cathedral


Elegant and high-quality stainless steel leather cigarette case with Riga Dome Cathedral motif on leather.

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With elegance from Riga

Elegant and high-quality stainless steel leather cigarette case with a beautifully designed Riga Dome Cathedral motif on leather in an aged style. If you are tired of the look of original cigarette packs, this case is a very good solution. A beautiful and practical item for everyday life.

Thanks to the size of the cigarette box, it is compact and will fit in both a pocket and a handbag. The case is made of a durable and solid material that protects the cigarettes, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them as that can happen with the original packets. It has high-quality leather covers, which makes the case more pleasing to the hands, as well as it has two different sides – the front is with the Riga Dome Cathedral motif, but the back is black. This cigarette case can be opened by pressing a metal button. Its inside is light grey and has two rubber bands that will allow the cigarettes to hold in place.

A good gift for smokers, business partners as well as a souvenir for foreign guests in memory of Riga.

Capacity: 18 cigarettes
Dimensions: 7.5 x 10 cm