Math Board Game “5+5”


The set includes 100 cards, which together make 200 mathematical calculations, and instructions in Latvian, English, Russian, German, Spanish, and French.

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Math Board Game “5x5”

Learning joy

The math board game 5+5 that is created in Latvia, is an exciting, interesting, and mostly educational game that will give the player the opportunity to learn mathematics on a new level. The game is designed so that each player has to solve at least 3 mathematical actions in his turn.

Playing this 5×5 game develops several math skills:

  • Addition and subtraction up to 20
  • Comparison of two numbers in principle larger, smaller
  • Logical thinking

The math board game consists of 100 cards and there are two mathematical operations on each of them, which together make a total of 200 calculations! The important thing is that there is no domino principle in the game, where you have to connect the same numbers. Instead, follow the arrow instructions and put a higher or lower number accordingly.

The math board game 5+5 is intended for children from 6 years of age.
It will be a great gift and leisure game for the whole family!